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What do we provide for our clients?

av integration
  • From boardrooms and conference centers to multi-location installations, operating rooms and command & control centers
  • Custom solutions for unique client needs using state-of-the-art projectors, flat panels and displays, video walls, control systems and room schedulers
one videoconferencing
  • High quality video and presentation sharing
  • Works with any device – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, room systems & more
  • Virtual meeting rooms – persistent meeting rooms and chat
  • Enterprise grade security – Government certified (UCR-2008/JITC)
focus digital signage
  • Dynamic data display– News, Weather, Stocks, and more
  • Simple, cost-effective way to manage corporate communications
  • Simple, intuitive content management
  • Cloud-based or on-premise enterprise solutions
  • Powerful graphics engine
whiteboard annotation
  • Redefine collaboration by uniting people from around the globe or around the corner
  • Videoconferencing, audioconferencing and immersive video walls help connect the right people at the right time on any device they want with true multi-user interactivity
immersive experience solutions
  • Generate a feeling….empowering engagement, loyalty
  • Compellingly powerful such that it often will inspire people to change….therein lies its power for organizations
  • Engage multiple sense – sight, sounds, touch – even smell
asset management services
  • Sensory Technologies’ AValyticsTM AV asset intelligence delivers measurable usage insight
  • End-of Life equipment alerts and replacement suggestions
  • Actionable, on-going technology intelligence
  • Control both the "hard" costs of technology and the "soft" costs of management
  • Plan for future technology needs, and engage in best practices that drive value

You’re Only Human. So are Your Employees.

New technology involves more than just training. New behaviors, processes and attitudes are often required for complete cultural assimilation. EMBRACE™ establishes and monitors the behavioral expectations for user adoption. We proactively partner with you to identify not only what the technology does, but how it can change behavior to infuse your culture with connection and collaboration. We never forget real, live humans have to not only use, but embrace, a better way to communicate.

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Amplify. Simplify.

Our partners rely on us to infuse their culture with emergent visual technology to AMPLIFY collaboration & SIMPLIFY life

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