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Protect Your Data from Security Breaches

The increase of remote workers and flex-time is becoming the norm these days, as well as employees using their own devices (BYOD). Meetings can be held from literally anywhere with videoconferencing technology. While this is great in terms of employee productivity, cloud-based software applications can bring privacy and security concerns for your organization.

What are the Risks?
High profile news stories about large, well-known companies like Target for example, have shown how important it is to have security in place to avoid a major security breach. After all, it’s your organization’s reputation and bottom line at risk.
So how do you limit the threats?

  • Covering all your bases
  • Security policy for all employees
  • Device encryption
  • Appropriate use of BYOD
  • Safe applications to use
  • Lost or stolen device security measures in place

In addition, your systems need to be behind firewalls and use a gatekeeper or session border controller. These are especially important in industries like healthcare and banking. These types of organizations should have IT security professionals create custom firewalls and security packages.

Don’t allow the possibility of your firm becoming another news headline, embarrassed by leaked confidential company data. Choose a reputable IT security professional to install your videoconferencing equipment, instead of opting for free non-secure applications, and you can rest a little easier at night knowing you’ve taken the right steps to safeguard your data against any future threats.