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High Touch, Consultative, Proactive, Accountable, Approachable

Our Client Solution Center (CSC) is more than a Help Desk. So much more. The title, Help Desk, suggests a quick fix in reaction to an immediate problem. Sometimes that’s unavoidable, but it’s not our approach.

client solutions center

The Client Solution Center (CSC)

Positioned before a 12’ x 8’ video wall, as many as eight specialists actively monitor our clients’ technology solutions. Our expert team delivers videoconference bridging, digital signage programming, streaming and diagnostics—all equipped with your system schematics right at their fingertips.

Our clients take us into 32 different countries and our support doesn’t vary whether you are in Indianapolis or Indonesia.

Did we mention we’re available 24 hours a day?

And we mean available. No third-party answering services, call transfers or voicemails, just expert help whenever and wherever you need it. Our CSC-certified technical specialists monitor and deliver incomparable client consultation on the phone or via video, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays with 24-hour call back services Saturday and Sunday.

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Urgent Need? Contact Our Client Solution Center (CSC)

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