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Sensory Technologies transforms the experience of connecting, communicating and collaborating. Whatever your industry, whatever you need, our next-generation emergent visual technologies, unique cloud services, expert engineering, flawless installation, and unparalleled support will revolutionize the way ideas are nurtured and transferred in your organization.

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Sensory Technologies has designed and installed thousands of custom solutions for enterprise clients, from single desktop videoconferencing, to boardrooms, to global conference centers. We also manage services that make collaboration and communication as easy for employees in the same office as across the globe.

Higher Education

Sensory Technologies has worked with our higher education clients to transform passive learning into active engagement, helping instructors inspire and engage students to realize their learning potential.

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Sensory Technologies has deep experience in working within the requirements and restrictions of the public sector. Whatever the size and scope, we have the resources to maximize, standardize and protect your investment. We have designed command and control centers for state and local governments and transportation services.


Sensory Technologies is leading the way in helping practitioners advance healthcare with its telehealth, telemedicine and advanced collaboration solutions. From patient care to medical training to integrated operating rooms, technology is increasing the speed at which knowledge is transferred, which translates to improved treatment and outcomes.

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