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Sensory helped Trustpointe earn $20,000 in new business each month using our new virtual collaboration platform, RALLY™ videoconferencing.

The Challenge

Founded in 1998, Trustpointe, Inc. offers comprehensive training to sales managers, executives and business owners. While their strategically chosen clients may have an abundance of energy, desire, and passion - time is a much more limited resource.

Tim Roberts, founder and CEO, was looking for a solution to reach prospective clients as well as make it easier on existing clients. He wanted to…

  • Make Trustpointe’s training programs more geographically accessible,
  • Reduce the time commitment required to participate in his training classes,
    and if possible,
  • Reduce Trustpointe’s costs and Tim’s travel time.

Although fairly certain technology was part of the solution, Tim was reluctant to pursue next steps.  “It’s well known that I have an unquenchable desire to be challenged,” notes Tim.  “I was not, however, looking forward to learning any new technology.  I anticipated it like horrible tasting medicine. I fully prepared myself to hate it.  That absolutely was my expectation.”

The Solution

After meeting with a Sensory Technologies Solutions Architect to discuss his options, Trustpointe chose RALLY™ as its virtual collaboration system. RALLY™ by Sensory Technologies is next generation, game-changing technology for group communication and collaboration. It easily and seamlessly connects people using any device – room-based videoconferencing systems, laptops, tablets, phones.

While RALLY™ functions independently from mobile devices, Trustpointe opted to integrate the virtual collaboration system into an existing conference room. The space’s sleek integration was designed to empower impactful conversation while simultaneously diminishing the ‘feel’ of technology’s presence. Four Revolab microphones sit in a mobile docking station and can be placed around the conference table based on the number of people engaged in the call. A computer equipped with RALLY™ software is hidden behind a wall-mounted display, and a Vaddio camera is mounted just below the display so that users are comfortably at eye-level with their virtual participants.

A popular feature of RALLY™ is that people can share content while still maintaining eye contact with everyone on the conference call. “Trust is the word most associated with what we do. Trust is our identity,” comments Tim. “Maintaining eye contact with people is critical to me, and I didn’t want to give that up when I’m showing a video or a picture. With RALLY™, you don’t have to. That matters a lot to us.”

RALLY™ virtual coSpaces are unique and perfect for engaging small group meetings, tracking collaborative projects and strengthening personal relationships. No scheduling is needed. People can pop in and out for one-to-one or group video/audio conversations at any time. No advanced scheduling is needed. Meeting agendas, action items, reminders, notes of encouragement – all can be added by any participant using the perpetual chat functionality.

To ease Tim’s concern with using the new technology, RALLY™ comes with the 24-hour support of the Sensory Technologies Client Solution Center (CSC). Live technicians will pick up the phone and certify calls, assist with questions, step RALLY™ users through the process, and proactively help create a richer virtual experience

The Results

Trustpointe , Inc. is conducting 8-9 more sessions a week because of RALLY™. “In some cases, that directly equates to having more clients because I’ve extended my reach nationally – and even globally. It’s more money - a quantifiable return on my investment to the tune of $20,000 a month in new business,” explains Tim. “In other cases – and this is every bit as important to me – it equates to more frequent, easy contact with existing clients. They are very busy people who want to carve out time to become even more exceptional. RALLY™ makes it easier for me to help them do that.”

Most of the Trustpointe RALLY™ sessions are initiated from their integrated conference room, but the advisors acknowledge that the ability to connect with anyone from anywhere is intoxicatingly powerful.

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