Mid-America Science Park

Sensory Technologies Adds Communication and Collaboration Technology to Scottsburg, Indiana’s Mid-America Science Park

Large integration project with complex requirements factoring geography, functionality and collaboration.

The Challenge

Located in Scottsburg, Indiana, the 112,000 sq. ft. city-owned Mid-America Science Park consists of a business incubator and accelerator space, a training and research center, and a communication and conference center.  Cited in Business First (8/6/10), Scottsburg Mayor William Graham said that the development offers renewed hope for a town that has suffered severe job losses. “We don’t just look at it as economic development for us,” Graham said. “We look at it as economic development for a region.”  The Park’s location between several major military installations, as well as medical and life-sciences facilities, positions it well to support military contractors and bioscience companies. City officials also recognized the need for a state of the art facility and the ability to communicate globally.

The project’s architect and the City of Scottsburg hired Sensory Technologies to help with the design, and the communication and collaboration needs were identified early – several meeting and training spaces with integrated presentation systems, mobile and stationary telecommunication capabilities, executive conference space, and displays for real-time updates and news.  The challenge was to integrate those systems across so many different areas – paying careful attention to security requirements. Sensory Technologies is accustomed to working closely with government facilities to address required security encryptions and certifications.

The Solution

The MAPS Presentation Hall offers presentation and videoconferencing capabilities – using a ceiling mounted HD projector and a 165″ diagonal recessed screen. The source equipment includes one dedicated PC, DVD, cable TV and videoconference. Integrated point to point and multi-site HD videoconferencing is included and three cameras are mounted in the room. Wired and wireless microphones capture the audio for the videoconference systems and the audio from the source equipment project through ceiling speakers. The audio from the far side of the videoconference projects through wall speakers. The audio is 7.1 surround sound as the city uses the facility for movie nights, sports viewing, and other community events. The rooms are controlled using two color touch panels with custom programming – one in the lectern for basic presenter controls and the second in the control room for advanced functionality.

Meeting rooms are equipped with wall-mounted, ultra-short throw projectors and 87″ diagonal interactive whiteboards.  An executive conference room also includes integrated audio conferencing and integrated point to point videoconferencing.  Two cameras were mounted in the room and wired microphones capture the audio for both systems. For this room, audio from the source equipment, far side of the audio conference and far side of the videoconference is projected through ceiling speakers, and the room is controlled using a wireless color touch panel with custom programming.

Several secure, government encrypted videoconferencing mobile carts were created with 46” monitors. All equipment is housed within the cart and conveniently plugs in to power and network.

Sensory Technologies integrated several displays to show high resolution content in a custom created template – including windows for RSS feeds, image and video files, weather, date, time, etc.  These systems have a 52″ LCD touch screen monitors and user- friendly digital signage software allows for remotely-updated content from a web interface.  To maximize functionality, this digital signage solution shows MASP information but can switch to show overflow content from cameras in the auditorium.

The Result

“This is one of the most versatile science parks in the country,” notes Anne Sellers, Sensory Technologies principal.  “It will attract and enable entrepreneurs, military representatives and contractors, students, business people and community members to pursue research, development, production, training and education on its sprawling campus.  A very welcomed addition to our region, and we were proud to be a part of the integration of technology that will enhance the Park’s communication and collaboration needs.”

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