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Sensory Technologies will infuse your culture with connection and collaboration. Take confidence in the knowledge that all of our solutions are backed by superior service and support.

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AV Design & Integration Solutions

From boardrooms and conference centers to multi-location installations, operating rooms, and command and control centers, Sensory Technologies has designed, engineered and installed thousands of spaces using state-of-the-art projectors, flat panels and displays, video walls, control systems and room schedulers. Each and every time, beginning with a baseline assessment and strategic plan, we develop a custom solution for your unique needs. We don’t operate with the one-size-fits-all mentality. Our solutions will help your organization communicate, collaborate and prosper.

Videoconferencing Solutions

We help you unite the right people at the right time and allow them the freedom to choose how they communicate. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or PC, people connect using any device they want and the technology fades into the background. And, our simple and intuitive interface simplifies the invitation process. Imagine, an enterprise-grade solution that accelerates ideas with no limits from either technology or geography.

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collaborative solutions

Collaborative Solutions

Capture divergent thought. Inspire creativity. Solve problems. Accomplish objectives. See things differently. We are true believers in multi-user interactivity, enabling people to interact with one another (in the same location or often not) and with multiple forms of content. That’s the real magic, the substantive dividend…the coming together to create something new in support of a shared vision—true collaboration.

Digital Signage Solutions

Transform your training and education programs, deliver targeted marketing messages, provide wayfinding solutions, archiving and so much more. From digital signage to elaborate multimedia presentations to streaming, don’t miss the opportunity to engage, teach and entertain.

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immersive experience solutions

Immersive Experiences

We design immersive spaces that engage and generate a feeling. Our solutions will infuse your culture with emergent visual technologies to amplify collaboration and simplify life!

AV Asset Management

Sensory Technologies provides technical support, proactive remote diagnostics, firmware and update management, end-user training and preventative maintenance along with full asset tracking and reporting, whether we installed your system or not. We will create on-demand reports of your assets by building, room, end-of-life date, condition and manufacturer so you know what you have, where it’s located and when it needs to be replaced.

asset management services
on-site support services

On-Site Adoption & Support Services

Sensory Technologies can place a human factors expert on-site with you (for days, weeks or even years) to assist with the principles of technology adoption, event/meeting support and user empowerment. Client satisfaction and ROI both are shown to increase substantially when Sensory Technologies personnel is engaged.

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