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Asset Management is a complete audio/visual management solution
...only from Sensory Technologies

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Assess Your Assets

AValytics™ from Sensory Technologies inventories and monitors all technology assets so you know what you have, where it’s located and when it needs to be replaced. No more finding projectors tucked away in a closet. No more unneeded or unapproved purchases.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies

With virtually every client, we discover assets that are not documented. In addition, often there are multiple manufacturers for equipment like flat panels and projectors, making it impossible to leverage volume pricing and manufacturer support, and making employees less efficient by having to relearn systems.

With AValytics™, we generate on-demand reports of your assets by building, room, end of life date, condition and manufacturer. And, we are happy to help even if we didn’t install the systems.

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24 hour support

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

AValytics™ is managed and proactively monitored through our Client Solution Center (CSC). Technical support, remote diagnostics, firmware and update management, end-user training, preventative maintenance and full asset tracking and reporting…all provided by the most experienced technical experts in the business.


  • Increase productivity of systems, processes and people
  • Resolve disparate quality of remote locations
  • Lock down, control and manage the supply chain
  • Access accurate information to make smarter decisions
  • Reconfigure existing AV components to create better solutions
  • Reduce cost by leveraging manufacturer support and volume pricing
  • Budget accurately for equipment that is near its end-of-life
  • Diminish company downtime when AV fails unexpectedly
  • Curtail or Curb renegade purchasing among departments

Are you ready to take control of your technology inventory?

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