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As one of less than 60 companies worldwide that's qualified as an InfoComm AV Provider of Excellence (APEx), our clients can be rest assured that the Sensory technical, customer service and development team have a deep commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and education.

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Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

You know your communication challenges intimately. You aspire to have your meeting space function fluidly, fostering a high level of collaboration, communication and connectivity, but you may not know the best way to get there. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed and installed thousands of audio and video solutions, from single desktop videoconferencing, to boardrooms, to global conference centers, to large command and control centers.

And, while we have an incredible experiential depth, we look at each client’s unique needs before determining a solution. Every space is different. Every need is different. Our consultative approach ensures that we work together to develop the right solution for your application and your organization's culture.

Embrace the Science of Effective Communication

Whatever your specific needs, we understand that the solution must enhance daily productivity and collaboration. New technology involves more than just training. New behaviors, processes and attitudes are often required. Sensory Technologies is dedicated to the study of organizational communication. This expertise led us to develop EMBRACE™, a customized plan to anticipate, communicate and monitor the behavioral expectations for user adoption.

EMBRACE™ puts the science to work by identifying the human factors that feed into successful technology adoption. We proactively partner with you to identify not only what the technology does, but how it can change behavior to transform the way employees communicate and collaborate. If needed, our ADOPT™ service places a human factors expert on-site to assist with the EMBRACE™ principles of technology adoption, support and user empowerment.

We believe that a technology solution is only successful if people embrace it.

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24 hour support

Rest Assured, We’re Dialed in!

Our Client Solution Center (CSC) is more than a Help Desk. Positioned before a 12’ x 8’ video wall, as many as eight specialists actively monitor our clients, 24-hours a day - equipped with your system schematics right at their fingertips.
No third-party answering services, call transfers or voicemails, just expert help whenever and wherever you need it.

We can also help you manage your technology inventory through our exclusive AValytics program. Learn More

Transform the act of communicating, collaborating and connecting. Let us show you how with a free consultation.

InfoComm Diamond Certification ensures the highest level expertise behind the design and installation of your AV solution.
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