AV Lighting

Long under-appreciated, it’s time to give lighting more attention.

Lighting that works overtime, all the time.

The right lighting can transform an experience, including videoconferencing. On the other hand, nothing quite drains the energy from a conference faster than poor lighting. Don’t minimize the impact of your engagements with lighting that’s too dim, too harsh, too reflective or too shadowy. When you need lighting that enhances instead of distracts, rely on Sensory Technologies to deliver lighting solutions that provide stellar visual experiences. We have extensive experience with lighting a wide range of spaces, including conference rooms, auditoriums and virtual spaces.


Give employees the light they need to perform.

Don’t designate lighting to a last-minute consideration. Tailored lighting can be integral to the outcomes of your technological experiences and employee productivity. We can help you navigate optimal lighting choices for advanced camera technologies to achieve a sharper focus. As studies reveal, shadows and shading can greatly influence how people experience digital experiences. Make sure your lighting is treated as a key component of your virtual initiatives. It’s critical to the success of your overall engagement.

Real Engagement 

Creative Solutions

Awesome Support

Develop a lighting scheme that creates a natural environment that enhances your employees and experiences.

With so many options available in lighting controls, rely on our expertise to customize your project.

You can depend upon 24/7 customer service and room usage metrics to propel your company’s green initiatives.

Integrate light for an illuminating workplace.

Choose a technology partner that can design, install and support your complete AV technology solution – from start to finish. At Sensory Technologies, we specialize in developing customized AV integration designs that perform seamlessly in any space. Contact us to help you get started on fulfilling your vision and business objectives. With our extensive experience in lighting integration, you can be confident that your new space is equipped to serve as a positive, engaging environment for employees, clients and guests.

Contact Sensory Technologies for a customized A/V solution that includes all the details.

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