Room Occupancy Sensors

Sensors indicate when spaces are occupied
while giving you the ability to better manage expenses.

Maximize the use of your spaces.

Knowledge is power. With the right data, your team can drive business efficiencies and accelerate decision making. Room occupancy sensors equip you with the ability to effortlessly control and monitor your company’s valuable real estate. Understanding how, when and why space is utilized in real time provides the data you need to manage resources. At Sensory Technologies, we specialize in equipping spaces with room occupancy sensors that detect motion and automatically adjust lighting, temperature and ventilation based on the presence of occupants. With sensor integration solutions, your team also has access to timely digital messaging that help you keep your spaces and resources highly efficient.


Gain critical metrics.

Increase productivity and efficiency with robust, scalable solutions, including room occupancy sensors, remote monitoring and monthly reporting.

Real Engagement 

Creative Solutions

Awesome Support

Timely data provides invaluable insights on how and why your spaces are being utilized.

Customized integrations allow access to usage metrics on various mobile devices.

Rely on 24/7 customer service to keep your space sensors doing their part to advance your goals.

Make room for solutions designed to deliver results.

Choose a technology partner that can design, install and support your complete AV technology solution – from start to finish. We specialize in developing customized AV integration designs that perform seamlessly in any space. With our experience in space occupancy integration, you can be confident that your new space is equipped to offer the insights and data you need to advance your organizational objectives.

It’s time your spaces work harder for you. Contact us for a consultation. We’ll show you the possibilities.

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