Room Scheduling

Exponentially increase productivity through better reservations control.
Gain back millions of expensive minutes lost due to poor space management.

Gain back millions of expensive minutes lost due to poor space management.

Inefficiencies, no matter how small, can be costly. With intuitive room scheduling solutions, you can eliminate the complications that interfere with the easy flow of your organization’s meetings. Sensory Technologies has the expertise to equip you with room scheduling solutions that keep meetings on track with minimal effort and at an affordable price. We offer robust, scalable solutions that are tailored to fit your space and specifications, whether standalone or integrated into networked digital signage. It’s time to pave the way to a more productive workplace.


Keep meetings efficient and effective.

Sensory Technologies offers innovative room scheduling solutions and professional services designed to elevate your productivity and fuel your business initiatives.

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Open office designs make space scheduling even more important as people form habits related to squatting.

Room scheduling can stand alone or integrate seamlessly within existing systems and applications.

Rely on 24/7 customer service and remote monitoring of your systems to ease nagging challenges.

Optimize your spaces for peak performance.

Choose a technology partner that can design, install and support your complete AV technology solution – from start to finish. Sensory Technologies specializes in developing customized AV integration designs that perform seamlessly in any space. With our experience in room scheduling integration, you can be confident that workflow will be less-frequently interrupted and productivity will increase.

Contact us for a room scheduling strategy that gets results.

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