Sound Masking

Minimize the distractions that diminish workplace productivity.

Create a focus-friendly environment.

Distracted employees are less productive employees. With sound-masking technology, even open-office designs can be transformed into high-performance zones. In most situations, the human voice can be intelligible up to 50 feet away. With audio frequencies designed to target human communication, sound masking reduces the radius of distraction and gives employees what they need to work more effectively, ensure privacy and enhance comfort. At Sensory Technologies, we provide the professional guidance you need to strategically maximize a sound masking solution that’s uniform and effective.


Sound masking that delivers measurable value.

Research reveals the benefits of sound masking, including a workforce that’s more focused, less stressed and less distracted. For a solution that goes beyond aesthetics and visual and audio experiences, invest in sound masking that contributes to maximum productivity.

Real Engagement 

Creative Solutions

Awesome Support

An investment in sound-masking is an investment in productivity. It empowers employees to perform their best.

With expert consultation, select sound-masking solutions tailored to your environment.

Rely on 24/7 customer service
and analytics to advance your initiatives.

High-performing solutions that ensure high-performance zones.

When planning your spaces, choose a technology partner that can design, install and support your complete AV technology solution – from start to finish. We specialize in developing customized AV integration designs that perform seamlessly in any space and are uniquely qualified to address open-concept space technology integration. With our vast experience in sound-masking integration, you can be confident that your space will be well-poised to provide a positive internal environment for employees, patients or guests.

Leverage the power of technology to boost employee productivity. We’ll show you how. Contact our team to start the process.

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