Cloud Collaboration

Fuel powerful collaborative behaviors.
Quickly accelerate team interactions with cost-effective virtual connections.

Give people what they need to connect with the right cloud collaboration tools.

Cloud collaboration enables your team to quickly embrace an enterprise-grade collaboration platform at a fraction of the cost. With Sensory Technologies’ monthly subscription plans, you also have the flexibility to effortlessly ramp up as usage progresses. With cloud collaboration solutions, your team is equipped to address communication objectives in real time. Pave the way for more successful interactions, greater client engagement, more genuine mentoring moments and stress-free trainings. We also offer on-premise solutions tailored to your objectives.


Discover custom solutions through cloud applications.

Tap into the value that technology can add to your communication strategy. Enhance real-time interactions among employees and clients with visual and audio assets that perform with superior clarity on laptops, desktops, room systems and mobile devices. Sensory Technologies equips companies of varying sizes with the components that address their unique needs. Explore solutions that incorporate components ranging from text and chat-type features to stellar audio conferencing. We can help you envision the possibilities of cloud collaboration and how it can advance your company’s objectives.

Real Engagement 

Give employees, clients and partners the ability to talk face-to-face – no matter where they’re located.

Creative Solutions

Explore cloud solutions with the capability to record and archive the group’s interactions.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service and extensive training to fuel the use of your collaborative solution.

Select the collaborative capabilities that propel your goals.

We’ll help you identify the features that matter most to your organization.

  • Interactive, touch displays
  • Screen sharing
  • Mobile device integration
  • Annotation
  • Videoconferencing
  • Room integration
  • Multi-site viewing of content
  • Live streaming, recording
  • Cloud-based
  • On-Premise
  • APP integration
  • Wireless screen sharing

Drive engagement and results with more powerful collaborations. Contact us to get started.

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