Collaborative Solutions

What Does Collaboration Mean?

A multi-user, interactive platform, enabling individuals to process and organize
highly-complex issues and multiple pieces of content to create new and expanded insights. 

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​A Company that Collaborates, Dominates

Unlock the key to creative collaboration. True collaboration provides a space where no one person is determining what is seen and heard; all users can access the display and share and interact with content at any time.

It offers multi-user interactivity, enabling people to interact with one another—in-person or through videoconferencing—and multiple forms of content, simultaneously.

Vivid Thought Deserves Vivid Visuals

Ultra-high definition (up to 4K) visuals are unparalleled and seamlessly span over multiple physical displays or operate beautifully on one monitor. Move and resize assets using touch displays.

touch screen
interactive conference room

Collaboration for Everyone

Healthcare—Expansive displays and intuitive software allow medical professionals to easily manipulate content to obtain unique insights into complex data.
Education—The power to transform passive learning into active engagement, helping instructors inspire and engage students to realize their learning potential.
Business—Transforming one-way presentations to multi-directional collaboration spurs creativity and problem solving, helping organizations prosper.

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