Mobile Wayfinding

A simpler way to navigate your space.
Provide directional guidance that seamlessly transfers to a person’s mobile device.

Simplify how people navigate your space through mobile wayfinding.

Roll out the welcome mat with easier navigation tools. With proximity beacons that offer turn-by-turn guidance through mobile applications, you’ll quickly improve the way people experience your facilities and campus. Sensory Technologies’ robust, engaging wayfinding solutions help guests avoid frustrating missteps by empathetically guiding them with cookie-crumb steps and validating images that match what they see along the way. Take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities to push messaging – cafeteria menus, directories, announcements, schedules, change notifications and staff recognition. There’s a better way to get around.


Offer intuitive, just-in-time wayfinding.

Sensory Technologies offers innovative digital signage solutions and professional services designed to empower mobile wayfinding across all industries.

Real Engagement 

Create a geofence around your space and digitally welcome people to your organization.

Creative Solutions

Customized mobile APPs meet your unique brand and messaging objectives.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service to remotely monitor networked displays and offer professional guidance.

Fuel Powerful Connections.

Invite interactive engagement through a robust wayfinding solution.

Various route views are available - fly over, stacked, etc.
Promotions and pop-ups are easily added
Integrate with your room scheduling system
Scroll through imagery – static, video, panoramic
Off-premise locations can be included
Link to existing management systems

Learn more about FOCUS® Digital Signage - an all-inclusive digital messaging solution with robust service and support.

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