Interactive Video Walls

Invite genuine engagement with large format display interactivity.
Don’t settle for ordinary messaging.

Don’t settle for ordinary messaging.

With innovative interactive video walls that respond to touch and gesture, your audiences will willingly immerse themselves in the stories you’re sharing. Prepare for more captivating experiences. Large matrixed displays command viewers’ attention through customizable displays that range from horizontal and vertical to curved and 3D. Sensory Technologies provides the interactive video wall solutions that elevate messaging to memorable events.


Combine multiple displays to create a stunning experience.

Video walls provide jaw-dropping, measurable connections. It’s time to explore the exponentially growing number of applications designed for large format viewing. Today’s video walls elevate the viewing experience with LCD or LED panel options and appealing thin-bezel designs.

Real Engagement 

Creative Solutions

Awesome Support

Provide inspired interactions designed to keep people focused on your message.

Use mobile device integration to stay
connected with your target audience.

Rely on 24/7 service and remote monitoring to keep your video wall strategy on course.

Integrate digital signage and biometrics software to achieve actionable insights.

Touch Interactive Capabilities
Brand Storytelling
Employee Introductions
Interactive Maps/Wayfinding
Social Media Engagement
Multi-language Capability
Biometric Recognition
Donor Board Engagement
Immersive Experiences
Mobile Device Integration
Scalable to Any Size
Intuitive Administration
Customized Scheduling
Website Integration


Create more engaging experiences with a strategy that’s designed just for your team. Contact us today.

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