Cloud Videoconferencing

Connections that work — anywhere, anytime on any device.

Encourage engagement through seamless virtual collaboration.

Keep the focus on the conversations and the presentations, delivered in real time with superior clarity. Advances in technology have further elevated digital connections, whether you’re pulling together a group from different parts of a building or from locations around the world. No matter what you call it — videoconferencing, webinars, virtual collaboration or video bridging, Sensory Technologies helps you achieve your goals with innovative solutions. You can be confident key members of your team and your targeted audiences can engage with each other on an extensive array of platforms, including laptops, mobile devices, room systems and desktops. Enhance the experience with text and chat capabilities. Move your company’s goals forward with powerful cloud videoconferencing connections.


Why consider a cloud videoconferencing solution?

Cloud videoconferencing is a cost-effective way to quickly engage an enterprise-grade conferencing platform. Sensory Technology’s monthly subscription plans allow any organization to start small and then quickly ramp up as usage adoption progresses. More importantly, these solutions allow you to immediately address specific communication objectives – stronger collaboration among geographically disparate teams, greater client and employee engagement, more genuine mentoring moments and less traveling for trainings. We also offer on-premise solutions.

Real Engagement 

Encourage meaningful interactions among employees, clients, and partners – no matter where they’re located.

Creative Solutions

Explore solutions that incorporate streaming, recording and archiving capabilities.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service and on-demand training to fully embrace your conferencing platform.

Scalable. Affordable. Simple.

At Sensory Technologies, we have extensive experience customizing video conferencing solutions and stellar audio conferencing to assist with our clients’ success. We can do the same for you. Bring us to the table as you plan your communication initiatives. We’ll ask the questions that may not be on your radar and help you explore the options that best fit your goals.

Make every connection count. Contact us to learn more about innovative videoconferencing solutions.

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