On-Premise Videoconferencing

Connect in real time — powerfully, easily, securely.

Enhance virtual collaborations with innovative solutions.

The ability to clearly communicate is essential to any company’s success. With innovative on-premise videoconferencing solutions, your team is equipped to effectively deliver vital messages in training sessions, webinars, video conferences and other virtual meetings. At Sensory Technologies, we are committed to making on-premise videoconferencing seamless and effortless, whether people are using mobile devices, laptops, room systems or desktops to make connections. Through Sensory Technologies' customized videoconferencing solutions, which include text and chat-type options, our clients are able to successfully focus on their goals.


Why consider an on-premise videoconferencing solution?

With on-premise videoconferencing solutions, you have full control of the software. You also host everything on dedicated internal servers. That’s a powerful way to engage your audiences on your terms. Sensory Technologies offers secure on-premise videoconferencing solutions and professional services designed to fully support your communication goals. We also offer cloud solutions for even more flexibility.

Real Engagement 

Encourage meaningful interactions among employees, clients and partners – no matter where they’re located.

Creative Solutions

Explore solutions that incorporate streaming, recording and archiving capabilities.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service and on-demand training to fully embrace your videoconferencing platform.

Scalable. Affordable. Simple.

Experience how customized video conferencing solution and stellar audio conferencing can elevate your communication goals. At Sensory Technologies, we specialize in delivering solutions that accelerate our clients’ objectives. Invite us to the table as you plan your communication initiatives. We’ll ask the questions that may not be on your radar and help you explore the options that best fit your goals.

Give your communications strategy a serious upgrade. Contact us to learn more about our videoconferencing solutions.

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