Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality.

Mesmerize your audiences with unparalleled, unforgettable experiences.

Choose a new reality.

Virtual and augmented reality solutions fuel new ways of engagement. At Sensory Technologies, we specialize in creating immersive experiences through the integration of 3D, computer-generated environments. Whether you choose the pretend world of virtual reality or the real-life yet surreal perspectives of augmented reality, your message will be unlike any other. Develop unique experiences through computer-generated or real-world sounds, videos, imagery and motion. You’ll discover exciting new ways to entertain, motivate, influence and engage.


Make way for a paradigm shift.

Dynamic. Clear. Interactive. With customized virtual reality solutions, you have the opportunity to relay your messages in powerful new ways. When you make experiences this engaging, you can be assured that you’re making insightful connections that are memorable. Start transporting your audiences today.

Real Engagement 

Attention to all the details of a VR/AR experience ensures realistic and enjoyable events.

Creative Solutions

The sky is the limit when 360-video is integrated into onboarding and training initiatives.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service and VR/AR global deployment solution support.

Prepare to launch.

Accelerate your business objectives with mobile VR. You can …

  • Transport learners to new places
  • Demo how a product works  
  • Practice a skill without fear of failure
  • Establish muscle memory habits
  • Deliver powerful lessons for better retention
  • Help customers envision a new space
  • Invite students to virtually explore a prospective campus

Ready for more engaging and dynamic ways to engage your audiences? Contact us to get started on a customized solution.

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