Wireless Screen Sharing

Keep the focus on the presentation.
Make your meeting spaces more inviting with wireless options.

If I bring my own device, do I need my own cable too? Not with wireless screen share.

Remove the obstacles that keep your meetings from flowing smoothly. All participants should be able to spontaneously show what’s on their devices during a meeting, without scrambling to find a cable connection. Ensure that content, whether shared from a tablet or mobile phone, is easily shared through wireless screen sharing. Eliminate the complications people experience when trying to share or tune into a presentation. Not very efficient. Not very hospitable. Not very productive. Make way for better presentations with wireless screen sharing.


Leverage the possibilities of wireless presentations.

It can be challenging to understand the differences between all the solutions labeled “collaborative.” Sensory Technologies eliminates the confusion by tailoring a comprehensive plan that meets the demands and needs of your organization. We take the time to learn about your team’s vision for collaboration. Then we design a solution that addresses that future. Lastly, we create a training strategy to ensure team members understand how to use it.

Real Engagement 

Remove the obstacles that prevent employees, clients, and partners from easily interacting.

Creative Solutions

Room displays used for collaboration can have multiple uses, including digital signage and videoconferencing.

Awesome Support

Rely on 24/7 customer service and extensive training to fuel the use of your collaborative solution.

Choose the collaborative features that matter to you.

Sensory Technologies helps you identify the interactive behaviors you want to empower within your organization, then recommends the solution that best fits your screen sharing requirements.

  • Interactive, touch displays
  • Screen sharing
  • Mobile device integration
  • Annotation
  • Videoconferencing
  • Room integration
  • Multi-site viewing of content
  • Live streaming, recording
  • Cloud-based
  • On-Premise
  • APP integration
  • Wireless screen sharing

Contact us to upgrade all of your critical engagements — from meetings to messaging.

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