Creating Digital Signage Content for Your Demographic

What makes for a comprehensive digital signage campaign? Obviously, including timely material that is visually appealing should be a primary goal, but your marketing team should put the most effort into creating material that makes sense to your customer base. Fortunately, digital signage provides the kind of nuance that’s lost in other forms of programming: Your demographics may shift depending on the time of day or day of the week you do business, and digital signage allows you the flexibility to customize the messaging around these shifts. Known as “optimized programming,” it can vary by locale, language, and other factors. So how can you create optimized content for your audience? We offer some tips to get you started.

Get to Know Your Audience

The first step in creating optimized signage is to take some time to assess your business demographics. Is your population segmented by income brackets? Are you in a neighborhood that has a large Japanese population? Take some time and do some in-depth analytics regarding your financial customers. After a while, you can come up with a game plan for how and when to produce different kinds of content, much like TV producers schedule shows using Nielsen data. It may seem like a complicated process, but you’ll see a significant return on your investment.

Formulate an End Game

Jumping into a digital signage campaign without considering your end motives is a common mistake. Make sure that you have clearly established goals and objectives before you dive in headfirst. What do you hope to accomplish with your marketing campaign? Using your consumer’s interests can make for a solid jumping off point. If one of your audiences is young and upwardly mobile, for example, address the flexibility of your loan programs to encourage growth.

Just be wary of the marketing ABC faux pas – “always be closing.” Make your calls to action informative and conversational, not aggressive. For example, “just ask us how,” makes for an inviting CTA without pushing a sale.

Get Social

Social media campaigns aren’t just for Millennials anymore. Everyone has a mobile device in their pockets, and digital signage gives your customers a perfect opportunity to interact with your brand. QR codes, Tweets, and Facebook posts are easy ways to get your audience involved. But rather than following your national branch’s initiatives, post Tweets or shout-outs from your local customer base on a job well done.

Be Creative

Emulating the best is great, but don’t overdo it at the expense of innovation. Always focus on creating your own campaign, using your own ideas. Why is this? Surely if a strategy works well for a competitor, it will work for you?

Maybe. But maybe not. Every demographic is unique, so your digital signage campaign won’t follow a one-size-fits-all model. Embrace the qualities that make your audience distinctive and curate content that appeals to them. It’s certainly okay to recognize great creative talent and use it; just make sure you customize it instead of copying it completely.