Technology Solutions Expo 

Speedway, Indiana    -   January 17, 2017 

sensory tech expo

Thank you to strategic partners for helping make our Technology Solutions Expo a huge success again. This Expo is designed to provide experiences that highlight a wide variety of technology that helps organizations accelerate business growth through improved communication. Whether you're a C-suite executive or in IT, Operations, Marketing, Facilities or even HR, the event provides technology solutions that fuel internal and external communication strategies.

  • Transforming Through Digital Signage
  • Transforming Through Video
  • Empowerment Through Support
  • Transformation Through VR, AR and MR
  • 'Just the Basics' Presentations on Common Technology Topics
Tech Solutions Expo

Expo Features:

  • Next Gen Digital Signage
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Video Walls/Large Display Technology
  • Conference Rooms of the Future
  • Enterprise Applications for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • AV/IT Convergence
  • Town Hall Streaming
  • Video Collaboration

Technology Experience Guide

The Sensory Technology Solutions Expo is designed to provide experiences that highlight our commitment to providing creative solutions, real engagement and awesome support.

'Just the Basics'

What You Need to Know About Common Technology in 15 min or Less

Engineers conducted casual yet short and informative learning sessions on the journey toward embracing the types of technology that can transform how organizations communicate and collaborate.

These 'Just the Basics' topics discussed common technology in short 15 min sessions throughout the day.


  • AV over IP
  • Video Walls:  LCD vs LED
  • Projection vs Flat Panels
  • Microphones and Speakers for Conferencing Systems
  • Videoconferencing: Codecs vs Software Clients
  • Video Production

Industry Expert Speakers

Fundamentals of Fine Pitch Direct View LED Display Technology

Joel Peterson, Applications Engineer, Planar, a Leyard Company - CTS Renewal Units Presentation for Credit

The one-hour Fundamentals of Fine Pitch Direct View LED Display Technology Certified Training Course is designed to educate attendees on the basic principles of Direct View LED display technology. The course includes an introduction to Direct View LED technology, compares Direct View LED technology and other fine pitch display technologies, provides an explanation of pixel pitches and best practices for determining the best pitch of applications, as well as the key considerations for installation Direct View LED display technology.

joel peterson

The Internet of Things

Michael Yukna, Harman Enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the key driver that is transforming businesses and orchestrating new consumer experiences and expectations. Organizations and municipalities will continue to unlock future potential using IoT & Cloud solutions to enhance productivity, decision making and design.  IoT spans a broad range of solutions - system integration, sensors, gateway solutions, cloud, connectivity, user experience, and analytics.  Learn how ‘connected’ homes, buildings, and industries are changing the way business happens – and how the IoT can add value to your organization.   

Workplace of the Future

Brent Blanchard, Facility Manager, Eli Lilly and Company

JD Guckenberger, Consultant/IT, Conference Room of the Future, Eli Lilly and Company


Delivering Live Broadcasts to a Global Employee Population

Gregg Moss, SVP, Channel Strategy and Development, Video & Broadcast Team, Bank of America

In this session, Gregg will provide an overview of the Video & Broadcast team at Bank of America. He will review some of the challenges in providing leadership communications securely and effectively to a large, globally dispersed associate base. Gregg also will share his experiences and insights as president of the Communication Media Management Association (CMMA), an organizational partner for the Tech Expo 2017.

Gregg Moss

Story Wonderland: From Hollywood to Corporate America: Pushing Technology Forward Through Storytelling
Brett Gordeau, Principle , Producer / Director, Dream Store Media
Chris Mapes, Principle, Visual Effects Producer, Dream Store Media 
Learn how Dream Store Media has leveraged it’s experience working on Jumanji 2, Jurassic World, Hawaii Five-O and a variety of other Hollywood production projects and amplified corporate storytelling methods through technological advances for Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Macy’s, Chili’s, 1-800 Flowers and other Fortune 500 companies. Take home practical knowledge in building video engagement through traditional video, VR, 360 Video and Augmented Reality Video.
dream storedream store
Emerging Technology Designs in Active Learning Spaces

Julie Anne Johnston, Director of Learning Spaces, UITS-Indiana University

Indiana University’s Learning Space Design Team is exploring how new technologies can be incorporated into formal and informal spaces to enhance the learning process. This session will describe examples of how interactive video walls in classrooms and meeting spaces are supporting student learning. Virtual reality classrooms are emerging on campus and designs are underway for renovations to incorporate the support of this technology in classroom settings.

Julie Anne Johnston

Reaching Today's Audiences Through Interactivity: 5 Ways to Create Engagement

Jake Leeman, Strategy & Operations, VisionThree

From Millennial's to Generation Z, engaging today's consumer and employee has never been tougher. This discussion will highlight 5 key ways to create engagement through interactive content and technology. A few key cases studies will be offered to provide additional context and examples.

jake leeman

Designing Media Walls: Imagery, Video and Information on Digital Canvases

Robert Christopher, Regional Account Manager, Planar, a Leyard Company - AIA CEU Presentation for Credit

Upon completion of this one-hour course, participants should feel prepared to assemble the necessary components to specify a media wall into their project. Specifically, participants will be able to: 1) Describe the function of the components of a video wall system, 2) List and describe ten technical specifications of a video wall, 3) Recall key design considerations for video walls, and 4) Describe three new trends or innovative uses of video walls.

bob christopher

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January 17, 2017
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