Technology Showcase & Road Show

Indianapolis / Fort Wayne, Indiana   -   May 16 & 17, 2017 

On Tuesday May 16th, Sensory Technologies happily hosted it Tech Showcase and Roadshow at its Indianapolis headquarters. At this event Sensory was excited to show the public their latest products and to give people the chance to test out the technological solutions first hand. Additionally, the employees of Sensory Technologies gave tours and presentations of the latest technology with the help of the following business partners:

  • Vision 3
  • NanoLumens
  • eImagine
  • Cisco

Sensory Technologies and  its partners opened the office’s doors to all who were interested in learning more about technology that could potential enhance their business processes. Being able to see and experience using so many varying types of technology allows all sorts of individuals and their businesses to see how these technologies could be implemented into their routine days of work. Technology is key to having effective communication within a business in today’s world. Without it, companies are at a disadvantage against their competitors.  Communication is crucial to a company’s success; so why not enhance it with the latest technology the market has to offer?

With Technology as simple as digital signage to technology advanced as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Sensory Technologies offered a hands-on experience to the public with all kinds of technology that had the ability to enhance a workplace in many different ways. Every client is different and knowing that we wanted to display technology that appealed to a large audience from different business backgrounds. 

To expand this event, the next day on Wednesday the 17th, The Tech Showcase and Roadshow went to our NEW Fort Wayne, IN location for even more of our clients to get the chance to experience out various technology solutions.  Both days were a great success and we were thankful for all of our partners and those who came out to try out the newest available technology! If you did not get the chance to make this


Virtual/Mixed Reality

- Microsoft HoloLens™


- Point of View Glasses - Wearable

Digital Signage & Display Technology

- UHD 4K Displays
- Lampless & Interactive Projection
- Virtual Receptionist
- Wayfinding
- Techorating

AV Management & Distribution

- Networked Audio & Visual Streaming
- HD-BaseT Solutions
- Centralized Management & Control


- Recording, Streaming & Content Sharing
- All-In-One Presentation Systems
- Interactive Collaboration Technology

Unified Communications

- Cloud-Based Conferencing
- Video/Power/Control Extension Kits
- HD USB Cameras

Commercial Audio

- Network-Capable Wireless Microphone Systems
- Distributed Audio Solutions
- Audio Amplification Systems (ADA)

Furniture Technology

- Standard & Custom Rack Solutions
- End-to-End Mounting Applications
- Power Management, Control Distribution


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